A speaking opportunity for prepared cruise ship lecturers

ByRick Deutsch

A speaking opportunity for prepared cruise ship lecturers

Stuck in ice - opportunity for speakers!

Stuck in ice – opportunity for speakers!

48 passengers and 20 crew members passengers have been trapped on a Russian ice breaker in Antarctica. Stuck 1500 miles “south” of Tasmania. It’s a scientific trip to count birds in the area and drill through the ice surrounding the ship to photograph sea life. The MV Akademik Shokalskiy got stuck in ice estimated to be 8 meters thick. China’s Snow Dragon is the first ship to render help.

Folks on board were going nuts trying to find things to do. Enter YOU as a good speaker. If you were a quailed speaker, you could easily secure an audience to listen to your talks. Try to keep MANY talks on your laptop and ready to go. Think of the rapt audience who want “something to do” while waiting for rescue. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t get publicity and even follow-on gigs based on your observation of the happenings. What a great story this would make.

Antarctica or the Med or the Baltic. “Stuff happens” – be prepared to step in and  ply your craft!




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