Got a speaking gig through the Panama Canal? How about Nicaragua?

ByRick Deutsch

Got a speaking gig through the Panama Canal? How about Nicaragua?

Doesn’t the Panama Canal go through Panama? Yes, for now. Our friends in China have been talking to their semi-Communist buddies in Nicaragua about building a canal through that country.

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Word of this idea was circulated a few years ago, but then the economy tanked and all planning stopped. Now that China is getting all of our money, they can fund such a product.

Daniel Orgtea is cooperating fully. Even though China is the #2 user of the Canal now, having a dedicated path for them to bring goods and possibly weaponry unchecked to the east … El Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, etc . . .  would be a boon for any quest of world domination.

The cost? How’s $50 billion sound? That’s a slam dunk for the country that makes everything we use. It would take them five years to dig it – but they don’t need to move a Mountain as the USA did. It has to be 173 miles long – three times the length of the current canal.

The Nicaraguans estimate 5100 ships going through. This would steal a lot of business from Panama, that makes about $5B a year on fares. Ortega says he plans to use the engineering drafts the US did prior to deciding on going the Panama way. Yes, they were developed in the 1880. I’m sure they are still current. But good luck on us giving them out. The US even considered a Mexican route – longer but flatter.

cartoon Manuel Noriega

Artist Conception of Manuel Noriega

By the way, remember a guy named Manuel Noreiga?  He’s in a prison visible from your ship as you sail to the Pacific. Look to your left as you head towards Panama City.

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