Speak On Cruises offers new White paper | Highlights of process to become a Cruise Ship Speaker

ByRick Deutsch

Speak On Cruises offers new White paper | Highlights of process to become a Cruise Ship Speaker

SpeakOnCruises.com is now offering a fresh White paper. I wrote a 3-page article for the National Speakers Association (NSA).  Not THAT NSA.  This NSA is the professional organization for professional speakers. I’m a member of the Northern California Chapter. My latest White Paper is about my expertise – speaking on cruise ships.

Get up pn stage and do your best

Get up on stage and do your best

I go into the basics and more. This article was seen in the SPEAKER magazine to over 8,000 members.  Speaking is fun and great way to treat your spouse, partner, mother, in-laws, neighbors to a special week+. Sorry no dogs allowed.

Just enter a CONTACT US request and let us know that you want this White Paper. We have a two downloadable papers available for free. The first is a summary of how I got into the trade. It might motivate you, while the second gives a bit more information.

We’d love for you to get excited and sign up for one of our two programs. See HIRE US for details. We have 2 options to get you geared up to snag gigs.

Option 1 is a $200.00 session that runs 2 hours and will give you all the tools you need to get going. We do them weekly.

Option 2 is a 1-1 consulting arrangement where we spend our time getting you the specific training you need. This could be PowerPoint, Photoshop, speaking techniques, YouTube creation (mandatory). We do not guarantee that you will get a cruise. That’s up to your talent. But we do offer a money back program. If you are not satisfied – tell us what we did wrong and give us a chance to fix it. We insist that you follow our guidance. If you are still dissatisfied, you get your money back.

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The big carrot here is that we will “grease the skids” with the agencies. This is invaluable to get you ahead of the dozens that apply.

A good first step is to ask for the White Paper.

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