When you speak on a cruise, you will be going on many tours | Why walk?

ByRick Deutsch

When you speak on a cruise, you will be going on many tours | Why walk?

As a cruise ship speaker you will have a chance to go on some awesome tours. You can either try to escort one, go at crew rates, or just puddle around by yourself. Some sites involve a lot of walking. Imagine trying to see the Vatican and Peter’s plus walking all around Rome. Whew. That will wear you out. One crazy idea is to take a Seaway – no. . . bad idea; too big. How about a Solowheel. Huh? Let’s read on, my friend.

The wheel can be carried easily. Kinda like a briefcase. It will go on an airplane via cheked baggage. They say it takes about a half hour to learn the basics of riding, and about two days to become proficient.? Like a Segway, you lean forward to go forward, lean back to stop. Lean left or right to turn.  10 mile range with only 1 hour to charge. Top sped 10 mph. Way better than your walking speed of about 2 mph.

Beats walking when on a cruise tour

Beats walking when on a cruise tour

The on-board gyroscopes and inertial monitoring systems make corrections to the motor’s speed and power hundreds of times per second, keeping the wheel’s platform stable.

It can turn on a dime, stop on a dime and and give you 9 centschnge. It will get you where you’re going fast and easy. Can you imagine the looks you’d get while you scoot around the Coliseum??  If allowed, you could even do laps on the Promenade deck! You gotta watch this video.

$1995 on Amazon. Be the first on your cruise to have one! Check it out.

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