Semester at Sea | Ship makes big changes

ByRick Deutsch

Semester at Sea | Ship makes big changes

Education and Touring

Education and Touring

Semester at Sea aka Institute for Shipboard Education is a great way for students to see the world. It is not really a cruise ship with regular speakers. SAS actually provides college credit with long term “teachers.” Most are qualified high level professors. The University of Virginia underwrites it.

For bright kids AND college level quality instructors, it’s a great way to see the world. For example, this summer of 2014, you can join them for on-board classes whilst you are heading to Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and England. This one leaves in a fortnight.  Many college level teachers are off in the summer. It is too late to get accepted, but you can apply to be a “substitute” if a teacher gets ill or has to bail out.

This fall Semester at Sea has a 15 country voyage to England, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Brazil, Barbados, and Cuba!

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All that said, there are changes coming. The economy crunch has hit SAS. Costs to drive a ship on the high seas has hit them hard.  Their ship, the MV Explorer is now for sale.  The intent is to sell the ship with a charter from the new owner, or sell the vessel and charter another ship.

So, SAS will be reverting to two-voyage business model.  Now you know.

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