Sarah Kirby fell off Carnival ship near Jamaica in 2012 and lived after two hours treading water | Lawsuit against Carnival now in the works.

ByRick Deutsch

Sarah Kirby fell off Carnival ship near Jamaica in 2012 and lived after two hours treading water | Lawsuit against Carnival now in the works.

Sarah Kirby fell off a Carnival cruise ship in the Caribbean. Now she is suing the line.

Speakers – be aware of the lure of the sea. A few people fall overboard. Some are pushed. Some commit suicide. But Sarah says she was looking over the 7th deck railing then ker-plunk. She hit a lifeboat then went down another five floors. There was no alert system in place, as cruise ships have been requested to install. Carnival had none on this ship. So it took about 90 minutes for the Captain to be notified and turn the massive ship around and search for her. Kirby was lucky this was not in Alaska or other cold water seas.    CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO

Sarah Kirby's fall captured on Carnival's FLIR camera

Sarah Kirby’s fall captured on Carnival’s FLIR camera

She has admitted to being drunk but claims she was plied with drinks by the bartender. Despite her party and other passengers reporting seeing her go overboard, the ship did not immediately act.  Tis occurred about midnight on a very dark night.

She was terrified but managed to tread water the whole time – while fully dressed. And without a life preserver. She said she felt “something” brush her legs as she floated. Yes, sharks do inhabit the Jamaican waters. As the ship got close, a lifeboat was sent out – in pitch black at 2 am. She had more than a chill when she got onboard. She had a lot of injuries and the ship diverted to Key West to get her to a hospital.

As a speaker, what did you learn from this? How about: 1. Don’t drink; read a book at night or watch a DVD in your room.  2. Know where the life rings are. Toss it if need be.

3. Yell as loud as you can: “Man Overboard” three times. 4. Know where the emergency phones are. 5. Learn how to tread water.

You can see the full story on ABC News’ “20/20” for Friday, Jan. 17. Here is the news report. 


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    Randall ZamboryPosted on10:49 am - May 3, 2017

    I was on this cruise, and the only eye witness to this incident. I reported it as soon as it happened. After 1 hour of carnival questioning me, her friends confirmed she was missing. I had my TV in my room on the coordinate channel, and looked at the exact time as I was leaving my room.. 12:04am… They were able to put the boat in the exact location of 12:04am and could hear her screams. They pulled he out of the water with serious injuries.. They didn’t report it to the coast guard until returned to the states. I saw she was suing, so I called her attorney and told them what happened. I am pretty sure they settled.. as now they have rules regarding how many drinks etc per day.

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