Royal Caribbean continues program to introduce monster Cruise Ships

ByRick Deutsch

Royal Caribbean continues program to introduce monster Cruise Ships

Quantum of the Seas

Quantum of the Seas

Royal Caribbean is the second largest cruise line. And yes, they travel well beyond just the Caribbean. They are famous for rolling out the two largest ships known to man – the Allure of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas. We’re talking over 6,000 bodies, when counting the crew.

To chase Carnival, the largest cruise line, RC has been constructing the Quantum of the Seas by ship builder Meyer Weft in Germany.   The next step in the construction is “float out.”  This is when, once a ship’s keel is set in the dry dock, and the core ship assembled and ready to go, it is then staged in another area where the final fittings get installed. This is called “float out.” Mechanicals such as the propulsion system and stability elements are tested.

Although the ship has been ready to get pushed out, the milestone event was delayed due to deteriorating weather conditions. Initially set for early August, it was put off a short time to ensure all went smoothly. The ship will be like a mini-Disneyland with bumper cars and a pod that will take guests literally out over the ocean. Inside cabins are equipped with a full size video display of the outside waves.

The Quantum weighs in at 167,800 tons, thus eliminating it from entering Venice as the city is now stopping ships greater than 96,000 tons from entering the lagoon in order to protect the crumbling buildings.

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Current plans are for an inaugural voyage of the Quantum in November 2014. It will be based at Cape Liberty, New Jersey. Long term you will see it in Chinese waters to tap that market.

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