We are going to see robots on cruise ships in the coming years.

ByRick Deutsch

We are going to see robots on cruise ships in the coming years.

They are not yet ready for prime time, but Costa Cruise Line is set to show “Pepper” to passengers. Pepper is a robot. Eat your heart out R2D2. Yes, Barbie now has intelligence, so why not a collection of  metal and chips to help you while onboard?

In the spring of 2016, the line is going to roll out a mechanical buddy to assist guests with a variety of services. Like what?  How about not having to wait in line at the front desk to find out embarkation, dining, event, and shore excursion info. (I guess you could read the schedule instead :>)).

robot pepper

“Take me to your leader” “I’m Pepper, the captain of Costa Cruises”

Is it Doctor Pepper of just Mr. Pepper?? Either way, it is suppose to be able to understand and speak in German, Italian and English. Is he SIRI’s cousin?

But it gets creepy. The bot’s designer, Aldebaran, has programmed it to live with humans and interact emotionally. Yikes. Do you really a want a machine to help you grow, enhance your life, improve relationships?

This thing…has microphones, cameras and a depth sensor behind the eyes to let it “live.” Yikes again. And it comes complete with touch sensors, sonars, lasers, bumper sensors, and a gyro. Batteries not included.

This quote from the Costa CEO cracks me up:  “With an emotional robot on board our cruise ships we are once again continuing our tradition of innovation. For us, this is an important step towards a digital future for our brands. I am confident that our guests will love Pepper.”

How about better food instead? Will Pepper be giving the Enrichment talks?

If you can’t get enough from your iPAD, smart phone and other gadgets, book a trip on the AIDAprima and Costa Diadema ships. If you can wait, Pepper clones (droids?) will be on all Costa vessels. The invasion begins!


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No robots were hurt during the writing of this blog.

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