Ride a luxury cruise ship to Alaska

ByRick Deutsch

Ride a luxury cruise ship to Alaska

Bald Eagle - symbol of Alaska and America's strength/

Bald Eagle – symbol of Alaska and America’s strength/

When you ask people about cruising, they often say they’d like to see the Mediterranean, the Baltic or the Caribbean. Fair enough – all nice regions. But the easiest and one of the best is to our own Alaska. There are several reasons why, but paramount are that it doesn’t involve an overseas plane ride; the people speak English; and they take dollars! Kidding aside, Alaska is the last great frontier.

Its history is wrapped in gold, exploration, glaciers, grizzlies and oil. The stories coming out of places like Skagway are legendary. Men who had to carry six months of supplies up the steep Chilkot trail demonstrates the ruggedness of our ancestors.

The story of the Alaska Pipeline the tragedy of the Exxon Valdez still ring. Did you know that there are 616 officially named glaciers but another estimated 100,000 unnamed glaciers in the state? The eagles have made a comeback and are no longer endangered. The people in Juneau, Ketchikan , and Sitka are tourist friendly.

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