Richard Branson’s new Cruise line to cater to adults only

ByRick Deutsch

Richard Branson’s new Cruise line to cater to adults only

Cruises with a gaggle of kids can make for an unpleasant cruise for older people. Many millennials and grandparents bring kiddies on the more economical trips. Like the Caribbean or end-of-season reduced price re-positioning voyages. The ambient noise level rises to 120 dB with children who have no home training.

In an effort to focus on older, retired people on vacation, the new Virgin Voyages enterprise by Richard Branson, the Brit with the bucks, will roll out a new industry offering. No children. The cut off age is 18.  Branson is trying something new. Heck, there are gay cruises, nudist cruises and eclipse cruises!  Why not target the “adult” market and go after it hard?

The unnamed first ship in the fleet just had its keel laid in the Genoa shipyard; it will roll out in 2020.

Imagine the peace and quiet with a tad over 2,800 pax and no tweens.  The plan is really fuzzy, but Branson hopes to sail first out of Miami (after getting the ship from Italy) and ply the Caribbean.

Artist conceptions are out for what Virgin will call “Lady Ships.” They show silver paint with red highlights. A red-headed mermaid is the logo.

large new cruise sh ip

Richard Branson’s adults only ship

Passengers are not called “passengers” nor “guests”….rather “sailors.”  Aye, Matey.   No word on entertainment or other fun attractions, but “most rooms will have balconies.”  We’ll let you know about any opportunities for enrichment speakers.

I like Branson. He and Elon Musk are doers….ala Tucker and Edison.  Just ‘git ‘er done.

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Oh…”Adults only ” is not a wild Club Med type of free for all….no hanky panky on this one.

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