Québec is a gem for cruise ship lecturers

ByRick Deutsch

Québec is a gem for cruise ship lecturers

Inside an old Quebec Church

Inside an old Quebec Church


The Port of Québec reached a new record for traffic this year. Recently, six ships brought 20,000 passengers and crew. All the berths were used.

The dockside workers had to hump and bump, but they pulled it off. Think of the logistics to keep things moving. Security, cops, dock laborers, lines men, customer service agents, information booth, Taxi drivers, restaurants, tour guides are on duty and of course all the trinket shop owners.

Quebec is learning the ropes, hosting over 160,000 visitors on 100 ships this year. That represents $23M in economic impact. Plus it’s a fun city!  Neat historic buildings to tour. I’ve been twice – (via a free cruise) by speaking.

It’s a nice clean city. VERY old architecture. French is used there, but English is no problem. Legally, the whole country is Bi-lingual. BOTH French and English is taught. Quebec has stirred that they want to break away from Canada.

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