Public speaking tip from Speak on Cruises.

ByRick Deutsch

Public speaking tip from Speak on Cruises.

First, the news highlights:

  1. World’s largest ship is now at sea. The Royal Caribbean HARMONY OF THE SEAS —> 6,360 guests 2,100 crew, 1,187 feet long, $1.5 B, widest cruise ship ever built,  2,500 staterooms, 20 dining venues, 23 swimming pools, a skating rink, slides and a park with more than 10,000 plants and 50 trees.
  2. Norovirus continues to “bug” ships.
  3. People still falling off ships.
  4. Ships won’t dock in Turkey.

I’m going on a free cruise next month to the Baltic by speaking. Biz partner just got back from a freebie down CA coast to Mexico. You can too!  Contact us.

OK….now the real point of this blog.   Please watch your breathing technique when speaking. I have been hearing a  lot of radio ads lately where the person inhales noisily. Like “whoosh” between statements. Real annoying. You need to inhale quickly but silently. Talk slowly so you don’t have to gulp. When doing a commercial, the spokesman should realize this. Many cheapies record for 60 seconds and have to get as much info as the company will pay for. Pro’s however use editing software on the audio to remove the time between statements.

man teaching

Bill Belew teaching How to get assignments on ships

As a speaker— you must remove anything that your audience will focus on as annoying. Don’t race, don’t “uh” and please don’t breathe like in a horror movie. Even Dracula had to sneak up on throats.

READ MORE more tips when speaking

Rehearse – you may not know you do this. Film yourself. Practice. Then practice some more.

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