Proposed law designed to give protection to cruise ship passengers.

ByRick Deutsch

Proposed law designed to give protection to cruise ship passengers.

Better medical care and safety programs are being hoped for in a proposed US Senate bill. Written by Senators Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey, it is crafted to improve the current Cruise Passenger Protection law.

US Senate

Senate to debate Cruise passenger protection act.

The legislation would radically improve the protection of guests at sea and enhance the onboard medical care to sea marshals. Did you know that many ships host staff similar to the “undercover” air marshals who blend in with airline passengers?


In response to recent incidents of passengers going overboard, the law also will improve the video surveillance on ships. The idea is to provide help quickly. One incident involved a woman who went over and the ship had to make a U-Turn to come back and get her – she treaded water for over a half-hour. There are tales of guests falling several stories. 21 have taken the big fall in 2015 so far. They often blame the ship (?) but there is evidence of drunken behavior or plain chicanery.

Key provisions are:
• Technology to detect overboards
• Cameras for capturing images of passengers overboards
• Improving medical standards
• More sea marshals
• Clear terms and conditions of cruise contracts
• Consumer complaints hotline
• Reporting crime against minors
• Victim’s advocate

Shipped licensed to ply the US waters, must comply with multiple safety laws including minimum height side railing.

Watch for developments of what is called the Act of 2015.

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