Too many people jumping or falling off of cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

Too many people jumping or falling off of cruise ships

I surrender. I could write about a “man overboard” on almost every post. Another one went over. A woman. Folks – go to bed at 11 and don’t get drunk.  Most are cases of someone at the bar hooting and hollering.

The latest was a woman on the Norwegian Pearl sailing to Cozumel. It was a chartered cruise for the 2015 Mad Decent Boat Party – whatever that is. Supposedly she saw another woman  “twerking” her boyfriend. You know, that “dance move” that involves crotch rubbing.  So did the two have a cat fight and lady #1 went over the railing? Some reports say it was an intentional jump. Did she get so pissed that she could not live another day?  Come on!  Was she pushed? The on board camera should reveal which.


Of course, the Coast Guard spent a bunch on money trying to find her…with negative results.

Well I’m taking a pause. Maybe I should dig out how many have drowned at sea.  This doesn’t count the 7 kids who drowned in ship pools.

So next time I am going to begin a multi-part epistle on what I think every cruise ship speaker should bring. Graduates of our program know. But I’ll go over these tools in detail. I call it my “Pearl Harbor Kit.”   We were unprepared on Dec 7, 1941.  Let’s not be unprepared for our presentations.

We’ll get the ball rolling on Nov 23.  Circle that date and be sure to tune in.

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