Passenger wins $21M for getting bonked by a Holland America sliding door

ByRick Deutsch

Passenger wins $21M for getting bonked by a Holland America sliding door

The story goes back to 2011. On a Holland America ship. I’ve seen the video. Judge for yourself. A small crowd is walking out of a doorway and the door begins to slide closed. A man walks out and the door slides into him – hitting his head. No big deal. It’s a “darn, I hate when that happens.” Get on with life.

man walking into door.

Man hits head – gets $21M

But NOOOO, let’s sue!!  Well, he did and Jim Hausman walked away with the cash. His wife now says the incident caused permanent brain damage. Read that again – permanent brain damage.

His wife said: “Fatigue, headaches, increased emotionality — he’s not logical anymore. Irritability, mood swings and then he actually developed having seizures as well.”  Did he have to call a doctor after 4 hours? :>)

Jim, listen up. A year ago, I was getting into my car and the door slowly closed. I was hit by the top corner of the door. WHAM. Blood gushed out. My wife drove me to the Emergency Room. 12 stitches later, I went home. That’s it, Jim. I didn’t sue Lexus. Come on, bro – call it LIFE. Get over it.

And a jury actually gave him the award. Unbelievable. Only in America? Between this and the old story of the woman who won her suit after spilling hot coffee on her lap.  Now we have really stupid “warnings” like: Don’t put this iron into a bath tub. Or lawnmower blades can cause severe injuries.

$21M before taxes…. TWENTY ONE MILLION.

Well, fans, I hope you enjoy these news blips. You are working hard – I’m not and I have the time to find these.  I blog about them because I keep harping that as cruise ship speakers, you need to be part of the industry. Get into it.

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