Oasis of the Seas is one passenger short

ByRick Deutsch

Oasis of the Seas is one passenger short

In a tragic situation last Friday, a 34-year old man fell into the sea. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea was the scene of a tragic death last Friday. 35-year old Bernando Albaz’s body has not been found. The incident took place in the Caribbean.

Apparently, there were some words exchanged in a bar between the man and the wait staff. Witnesses said that the staff made demeaning comments to Albaz.  When he returned to his room, he created a loud fuss and security responded to complaints of the noise. Upon finding him on the balcony of his room, security said he fell or jumped off the balcony onto a life boat. A video shows him holding onto the support for the life boat, but then he sliped off and into the dark sea.


Royal Caribbean’s attempot to find him were for naught. Getting this giant ship to slow down and make a U-turn is a challenging task. They sent 2 boats to look for him.

The Coast Guard dispatched a C-130 aircraft to search. When daylight broke, a helicopter searched.

The search has been called off and he is presumed drowned.

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