Norovirus strikes again: Crown Princess hit again

ByRick Deutsch

Norovirus strikes again: Crown Princess hit again

The Crown Princess is one of the largest ships in the Princess fleet. It’s home ported in New York City. Bad news coming out – 170 people on board have been stricken with the Norovirus. This includes 14 crew members. The ship had nearly 80 people infected in April.

The norovis is spherical in appearance


The ship was on a long 28 day voyage with over 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew.   The CDC has recently done a study that showed that a major issue is lax food handling. The virus can remain active for up to 2 weeks. It can linger on cutting boards, cutlery, table tops and other kitchen accessories.

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An estimated 20 million people get the virus and 800 of those die. Usually, the protocol is to quarantine the victims for three days. Bad intestinal sickness is the major side affect. Norovirus is not unique to cruise ships, but the density of people is a major contributor.

The Crown Princess is being sanitized in San Pedro Harbor, in Los Angeles. Caution is urged with frequent had washing mandatory. Kitchen staffs are continually trained in proper food handling.

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