Norovirus strikes again; 600 sick | Opportunity for a cruise speaker

ByRick Deutsch

Norovirus strikes again; 600 sick | Opportunity for a cruise speaker

The massive Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas

The massive Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas

Another week goes by and another ship gets hit by the norovirus. The Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas had many get sick in December. 60 ill on the Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas just over a week ago. 600 this time on the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas. No one is blaming the ship per se, but when you have 2,000+ people jammed in, it doesn’t take much to spread germs.  The ship skipped its last stop and jetted back to New Jersey. What happends whenthe Catain and chief crew get sick?

The virus has done a lot of damage in the last month. Soon it may mutate and become resistant to eradication. Chlorine is great but viruses are extremely small. No bigger than 300 nanometers. It is easy to miss areas when wiping them up. The CDC is all over this problem with staff on scene. As I mentioned before – sanitize your hands whenever you can. Over and over. Don’t touch things. Walk up/down stairs without grabbing the handrail. How many people wipe their nose or sneeze on their hands?

Since we’ve hit on this before…maybe there is an opportunity for speakers here. Can you give 4 talks on the evolution of disease on earth? We know that the Incas were defeated by the Spanish by their superior technology – but also because the Europeans brought disease over that the natives were not immune to. Make it interesting but fun. (the cockroaches willtake over, anyway! :>) )

Make these talks so you are NOT alerting the audience to problems the line might have with the visibility this may bring. The agency will review all your talks and let you know if you go over any lines.

Just a thought on topics. We can help you come up with your overarching topic and your four supporting presentations. Give us a shout! We are standing by with fingers on the keyboard.


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