Another Norovirus hit: This time 200 taken sick in Australasia – Speakers take: precautions!

ByRick Deutsch

Another Norovirus hit: This time 200 taken sick in Australasia – Speakers take: precautions!

I’m sad to report that the norovirus has hit a Princess cruise ship again.  Third time this year. We usually refrain from posting negative news, but in the interest of our speakers, we need to emphasize taking precautions.

Rest assured that the crew is busy disinfecting all hand rails, door knobs, any surfaces to eliminate the spread. But this is common procedure, not only pre-trip, but during as well to prevent the spread of the disease. The ship has a doctor on board to monitor the health of all 1,500 passengers.

Norovirus, a gastrointestinal virus transmitted through blood and urine, causes diarrhea and vomiting and lasts one to three days.

It’s generally not the ship’s fault. More often passengers board with a sickness and their carelessness contributes to the spread of the virus. Common safeguards can reduce the chances of getting it.

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Frequent hand washing, using towels to open bathroom doors and always using the many hand sanitizers throughout the ship work. Stay back from sneezing guests. A sneeze can travel over 15 feet!!

Be cautious about people sneezing

Sneezing can spread norovirus

The Dawn Princess is now heading to New Zealand from Australia. It is a very common trip for Americans. In fact they call us “loopers.” We do the loop between the two. Why not? You just made a 19-hour flight, (add your departure city), so check both of them off.

I’ve been to both countries and they are wonderful. Good English, friendly people and superb scenery. Their love for Americans grew after we pushed the enemy back during WW2 at the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Hmmm Sounds like South pacific battles could be a lecture you can give as part of your four required to get a free cruise for two. Give us a shout and get started. We will be working over the Holidays.





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