Millennials: have you taken a cruise? – YOUR generation might now enjoy one.

ByRick Deutsch

Millennials: have you taken a cruise? – YOUR generation might now enjoy one.


Typical routing to the south pole. Try this cruise!!

Studies out of the UK are revealing that a younger population is now cruising. With 25M passengers projected for 2016, the lines are beginning to focus more on millennials and the like with offerings.  Cruising is not just for retired CEO’s or women taking mom on her “last trip to the sunset.”

A record 1.7 million Brits were on ships last year. But it’s been noticed that the mean age is decreasing. It used to be about 55 – now it’s a few years lower.

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Why the change?  Well, obviously, people get old and die. That reduces the market. Sorry if this is cold, but it’s true.  The lines are building ships with toys for the younger set. Like what? How about a cart race track, a trampoline park, ice skating (mom would never do these!)

When I was in college my frat had a Spring Formal in Ocean City, MD. It was implied that your date would stay in your room…and you hoped it would be in your bed. Eeck – for someone who was studying engineering  too much to have many dates, this was difficult.  But if you had a date go on a harmless cruise….and  knowing you pretty well HAD to bunk up, that would suit many just fine.

All kinds of cruises are being organized. How about a nude cruise? A swingers cruise? A HipHop cruise. You get the idea. Hey – get 10 of your friends booked and YOU go free. Ships are catering to where the money is coming from.

Where are the geezers going?  Safe and secure places. Too much terrorism cropping up. Barcelona will see a drop. Istanbul is already off the list. Venice and Dubrovnik are upset with all the tourists jamming into their towns. Can-cun and Cozumel are being hit with turf wars between the drug cartels.   BUT Galapagos, Easter Island, Australasia, and the such will still pack them in.

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