Middle East cruising is a “no more” disappointment

ByRick Deutsch

Middle East cruising is a “no more” disappointment

It’s very very sad what humans can do to each other. In the name of religion, hundreds have been killed and antiquities destroyed.

Now the world cannot visit spots in the Middle East to meet the people and see the sights.

To protect their passengers and their investment, most cruise lines are no longer stopping in Turkey. The list is now: Azamara, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Crystal, Disney, MSC Cruises and Holland America Line. ALL have all pulled Turkey from itineraries this year.

On my speaking gigs, I’ve been to Istanbul three times. Beautiful City.  The mosques and heritage are spectacular. Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul – three evolving names for this city on the border to Asia and Europe. We resisted buying a carpet on the semi-mandatory stop after tours…but it was fun to see how they are made.  Bargains? I dunno. Plus you can’t return it!

Istanbul is a popular stop between Greece and Venice. Toss Dubrovnik in also.

The only major line still hitting Turkey is Silversea. They are planning to stop in  Kusadasi, Marmaris and Canakkale. This actually surprises me. I’ve spoken on a Silversea Caribbean trip and it is first class. There is just too much risk to passengers with all the terrorist actions going on. The Istanbul airport and the downtown city center have all been hit.  ISIS would love to harm American tourists.  Sad.

LEARN about the Istanbul bombings.

There you have it. More news from SpeakOnCruises.  We have the time to keep up on all this…get your news blips here.  Let’s cruise!!

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