Merry Christmas from SpeakOnCruises

ByRick Deutsch

Merry Christmas from SpeakOnCruises

The management and staff of SpeakOnCruises wishes you a happy Holiday season. We will be with our loved ones to celebrate to the fullest.

We invite you to stop by Corporate Headquarters in Silicon Valley for a glass of egg nog. I have had Christmas cruises and the ships really go all out with decorations and meals that are better than at home. Well, not as good as mom’s – but close.



Once I did a two-weeker over Christmas without  my wife, since she was working and could not get off that long. Not as much fun, but I kept my chin up. The word is be flexible; things work out.

There is a cruise going down to Rio to see the New Year blast. I can’t make it. That is the only way I’d go…with a big group. The view of the fireworks from the 12th deck would be fun.

We’ll be around if you’d like to go through our program. We have 2 options – a two hour webinar by Rick with only YOU on the other end. Option 2 is a consulting arrangement where we help you in any of several areas – or whatever you need help from us.

If you get bored we have posted over 600 blog entries – each one a Pulitzer winner :>)

We love you!!!

Rick & Bill


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