Is “Melody of the Seas” the name of the next Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ship?

ByRick Deutsch

Is “Melody of the Seas” the name of the next Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ship?

Royal Caribbean is busy building more colossal ships. The 5th in their offerings will be called the Melody of the Seas. – Well, that’s the buzz. They have not officially  named it. Industry pundits are picking up vibes that the ship’s moniker will be the Melody. Folks, these are floating cities, literally. They can hold more people than live in most Iowa towns!

larger cruise ship

OASIS class Royal Caribbean cruise ship

How does 8,500 humans sound?   Hope everyone wears name tags to keep things intimate. Gosh, you could get lost for weeks on one of these.

It is years away but is in line to be constructed. Look for it in 2021.

The 4th in what they call their “OASIS” class is the Symphony of the Seas.  It is being built at the STX shipyard in France. Push-out is about a year away. It will be 230,000 gross tons…..and the Melody will be even bigger.

If you are keeping score, there are the 3 existing (aka sailing) ships in the Oasis Class:

Harmony of the Seas
Allure of the Seas
Oasis of the Seas

Oasis has been out since 2009 and got spiffed up in a 2014 dry-dock.

Read a summary of the Oasis class

Anyone out there been on one of these ships?   I’d love to take a trip – just to see it.

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