MeetUp Recap 8/19/2013

ByRick Deutsch

MeetUp Recap 8/19/2013

Despite a screw up in the date of the meeting, we had great speakers at the MeetUp in Palo Alto Monday. Lauren Liebert and MaryLyn Klein of “Ticket2Travel” were on site to tell us about Caribbean Cruising.

* They suggested flying east the day BEFORE you need to sail. Most west coast flights leave you little time and there may be delays. It’s worth it to get a hotel the night before.

* You  will get a better deal going through travel agents than doing it yourself on the internet. They have access to discounts and schedules you may not find.

* Be aware that the Hurricane season is officially May through November. However, most begin churning now. Rates will be lower. It’s better to visit Caribbean islands on a ship. They boogie away from the storms. If you are on a land package, you may have to huddle in a high school locker room.

* Trip insurance is well advised and cheap in case “things” happen.

* Watch for Cruise lines beginning to offer “Singles” rooms. They will go away from the single supplement with smaller rooms … but a good deal if you travel alone.

* Bill showed us how to log into the FORUM on the blog. We set it up as a way members can chat between meetings. Give it a try.

* The night concluded after a productive social networking session. People are meeting – friends are being made. Plans are bubbling up for cruises.

* The next MeetUp will be Monday Sept 23 at 7:30 at the Palo Alto Church of Christ — 3373 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Madlen Saddik is an expert on West Coast cruises. She will talk to us about how to find San Francisco cruises for the best price and on different ships with different options.



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