Mallorca – latest cruise destination to try to reduce tourists

ByRick Deutsch

Mallorca – latest cruise destination to try to reduce tourists

Mallorca (sometimes spelled Majorca) is an island that is an “autonomous region” of Spain – since 1983.

map of mallorca

Mallorca lies off the eastern coast of Spain

The capital is Palma. It’s a favorite destination for cruise ships in the Mediterranean.

Because of its history, many – I mean many – people have it on their list of places to visit.  Unfortunately, too many are coming. Mallorca was hit with 10 million visitors last year.  With over 1,000 flights to the island A DAY, most come via airplane. But cruises can bring 17,000 people a day!

Like Venice, Barcelona and Dubrovnik, Mallorca residents are seeing their quaint town turned into an “amusement” area. While ports love the revenue visitors bring, the quality of life is deteriorating for residents. Many cannot go to the bank or market without hordes of lookie-loos wandering around.

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Recently, protestors stood in the terminal of Palma de Mallorca International Airport, hoisting signs bearing slogans saying:  “One Airline Every Minute is Not Sustainable.”  Another read: “Tourism Kills the City!”

Protestors are running  a “Summer of Action” to counter the flood of tourists.

My friends, there are just too many people on earth – nearly 8 billion. Favorable economies mean the middle class are able to travel.  What we need to get used to is a deterioration of favorite places. How can you help?  Don’t go. Well, that isn’t happening, so I say go NOW before it gets worse…..and it will.

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