Major Cruise ship to grow while in dry dock; add 12%

ByRick Deutsch

Major Cruise ship to grow while in dry dock; add 12%

Silversea’s Silver Spirit  is in the process of growing by 15-meters (about 45 feet). How? Clever engineers have come up with a way to physically cut it in two pieces.  Then they will insert a 15-meter prefab section in  the hull. The new length will be a blink over 200 meters.

Why . . . You might say?  Crazy idea but obvious – to add more space. How much? About 12%. The ship will stuff in four new restaurants, an enlarged sky deck, a new spa and two cafe’s for a quick bite. Also coming is a new aerobics area. That will be a welcome addition as the current gym is a bit tight.  And we know how passengers love to exercise (I can hear the crickets now.)

See how you are supposed to dress as a lecturer

The ship is on the small side, running at 30 thousand tons. I sailed on her years ago. It’s a bit slow for me. Not a ton of activities. So what do they do with all the old stuff that will be replaced?  We’re talking almost 5,000 pieces of furniture and other items. Seems to me that they could reuse them…but new outfittings will be installed. They will donate the excess to Crete to help their outreach to needy organizations.

Want to get a ride?  It’ll be going between Rome and Barcelona when it rolls out of dry dock.

These photos are amazing.

See you next time and give us a comment – learn how to get free trips on a Silversea ship by speaking.

Ship cut in half

Silversea Spirit gets cut in two

Amazing Engineering


The Spirit will be back on the ocean in May ’17

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