Live on a cruise ship | Here’s a retirement idea

ByRick Deutsch

Live on a cruise ship | Here’s a retirement idea

It’s been said that it’s cheaper for a retired person to sell it all and move onto a ship. Hey, you get 3 good meals a day, maid service, activities, medical, laundry and fun people to hang out with. If that sounds exciting to you, consider moving on to a ship called the World. That’s the name, the World. It’s one of the world’s most exclusive vessels.

I saw the World in Key West

I saw the World in Key West

The World set off in 2002.  It’s the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. There are 150 “residents” who own their room. Some even live on it year round. There are 250 staff on the World. The accommodations are studios to large three-bedroom apartments. There is even a huge six-bedroom penthouse suite.

To keep residents happy there are bars, a cigar room, a marina bar and a nightclub.

Meals are served in five restaurants. The clinic is staffed with a full-time doctor and two nurses. Average passenger load onboard is about 120 at any one time.

To the bottom line, it’s very very expensive.  The maintenance fee, including food and beverage, hovers around $300,000 a year. The average age of Residents is 64 with 35% under 50.

But heck – go for it!  Take a peek.


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