What kind of smart phone do you use? Time to get a different brand?

ByRick Deutsch

What kind of smart phone do you use? Time to get a different brand?

We’ve been reading about spontaneous combustion of the new Samsung Note 7.  It was hyped as the best full-feature to come out of South Korea. An iPhone killer.  And then it started to ignite. Duck and cover type ignition. Bring the marshmallows.

Car on fire

Car fire started by a Note 7

I hope you have a back up – the FAA will not allow any Galaxy Note 7 phones on board. Plus trains are now also following their lead. You can’t check it, you can’t carry it on – even if you leave it off – it can’t even be shipped as air cargo. Ergo….leave it home.

This is a big deal.  The TSA has X-ray machines to detect them. It’s not clear what they will do with confiscated phones. They surely are not going to set up a “return to me” system.  They probably will sit in a fireproof container until it is crushed.

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Take it back NOW to where you bought it. Ask for any other model. But I think this is going to be a major problem…how do we know others won’t light up?

Call me a Luddite, but I don’t own a smart phone (NSA concerns, you know). I am still on a tiny flip phone. No internet access, no apps and no high monthly fee. It slips into my pocket easily – not like the bricks others have. But hey – it makes calls…just like in the old days. Maybe you guys can get a flip for a backup. Just swap the SIM card and off you go. They only run about $10 at Walmart.

Oh yeah, they are Samsung’s!!


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