How a giant cruise ship smashed a marina & flipped some small craft

ByRick Deutsch

How a giant cruise ship smashed a marina & flipped some small craft

See the Video of the August, 23rd Carnival Vista trying to back away from a pleasure yacht harbor in Messina, Sicily. The giant 130,000 ton (displacement) ship was pulling out and using its side thrusters. As it drifted to the port side, the water jumped over a barrier and knocked over several boats.  Read the story <here>.  And another view  <HERE>.

Usually, tugs assist in the re-positioning. What happened here?  Was there a pilot on board?Besides Carnival having to buy a few boat owners new rigs, I’m sure the town just got a new pier! I’d love to read this litigation.  Sad.

Ship flooding pier

Carnival Vista creates mini tsunami to swamp pier


In other news:

While in Marseilles, a safety exercise on the world’s biggest cruise liner, the Harmony of the Seas resulted in the death of one member and four others being injured. It’s reported that a lifeboat came loose from the fifth deck and fell about 30 feet into the water. The 42-year-old Filipino man didn’t have a chance. Odd – practicing a safety drill and this happens.

READ more about the Harmony

Details haven not been released yet, but I’ll assume they were lowering a boat to the water when perhaps a cable broke. These are the same boats used as tenders.

The Harmony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship ever built. It can carry 8,690 people –>6,300 passengers and 2,390 crew. It had its maiden voyage in May and cost $1 billion. It’s in the Royal Caribbean‎ fleet. More lawsuits.


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