New Genting Dream ship ready to sail; Ship features state-of-the-art lifeboats

ByRick Deutsch

New Genting Dream ship ready to sail; Ship features state-of-the-art lifeboats

Genting of Hong Kong is coming out swinging in the premium (low end) cruise line segment. Their Genting Dream” ship is going to ply the Asian area. This is a big one at 151K gross tons.  It will hold 3,353 passengers. Another monster. It will have three homeports: Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Sanya. Residents of the tony areas of Pearl Delta and Hainan will be aggressively marketed to.

The new Dream will cover Genting’s goal of using Crystal Cruises for luxury passengers and its Star Cruises line for the next rung down – the so called contemporary segment. Now they will be a strong player in the China region.

Genting Dream (official name) will feature 35 restaurants and bars and other nice amenities.


New Genting Dream lifeboat / tender

The just completed Dream features innovation at every corner. We wanted to highlight the new Lifeboats/tenders being deployed. Most lifeboats are pretty the same; but not the Dream’s. This video shows one moving about in the bay testing its systems. Look at how sleek and how maneuverable it is.

To clarify, a ships tender is used to bring passengers to/from a port that doesn’t have sufficient docking capability. It’s usually a pain to tender in. Often, the sea is rocking and rolling. Plus passengers have to get in line and wait lot. But often, smaller berths are jut too shallow or they do  not have the support equipment to handle the giant ships.

One or two lifeboats are usually tasked with serving as tenders – these are generally can usually hold more passengers than a regular lifeboat. They are often bigger than other lifeboats. Many can hold over 150 passengers.

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