Some funny questions asked on a cruise ship

ByRick Deutsch

Some funny questions asked on a cruise ship

Fox News recently ran a nice article by Paul Motter of He talks of some rather dumb (yes, there ARE dumb questions) questions that passengers ask. So today we give you a grin with a few. I added a couple of my favorites.

Woman laughing at dumb question

Did I really hear that?

“Why are ancient ruins always found “underground?”
“Is there salt water in the toilets?”
“Do you allow water skiing off the back of the boat?
“Which side of the ship is best?”
“Do the crew get to eat the leftovers from dinner?”
“What time will the waves in the pool stop?”
“Can we really see Russia form Alaska?”
“Do fish ever get seasick?”
“What’s the best time to see dolphins”?
“Can the ship stop to let us swim in the ocean?”

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