Frivolous lawsuits moving cost of cruises up; Judgments get passed on

ByRick Deutsch

Frivolous lawsuits moving cost of cruises up; Judgments get passed on


For every court case brought by a “wronged” passenger, the cruise lines have to recoup by adding a few bucks to your fare.  They have to. Most are settled out of court and you’d think some of these folks are looking for ways to get hurt – then blame the ship.

We’ve talked about some of these. Walking into a sliding door. Getting hit by a stick during a shuffleboard game.  Gosh… no signs.

It’s way cheaper for the line to just pay up front rather than go to court. Their lawyers get big bucks and the plaintiff will gladly accept a few hundred grand, than risk losing their claim.


Royal Caribbean gets sued

Here’s the latest one I found. A lady filed a complaint that she suffered an ankle fracture while roller skating aboard the giant ship. Turns out she said that ping-pong balls fell onto the roller skating rink. This was on April 3. Geez, stuff happens. Why wasn’t she watching where she was going?

The case was taken to the U.S. District Court in south Florida – Miami Division. Poor “deep pockets” Royal Caribbean Cruises was accused of negligence. Why? Well they were responsible since they didn’t use reasonable practices to keep foreign objects from falling onto the skating surface. Makes me cringe.

The woman insists on a jury trial. She wants compensatory damages that are higher than the minimum this court can approve. Oh, toss in interest and costs.

If you ever need an ambulance chasing legal staff….they hang out in Miami.

Lady get a life.  Stuff happens. And someone always has to pay. Nice country we have.

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