Does a free trip to Galapagos ring your bell? |  Celebrity going

ByRick Deutsch

Does a free trip to Galapagos ring your bell? |  Celebrity going

Speakers can get a trip to Galapagos

Speakers can get a trip to Galapagos

The Celebrity Xpedition hosts a superb program of cruises to the fantastic Galapagos lslands. This is the Garden of Eden. I have been and can speak firsthand how  amazing it is.

The 12 islands are located on the equator about 600 miles from the “owner” – Ecuador. They are of volcanic nature and over the eons, animals of every sort made their way to a life of solitude, protected from human imact.

Expect to see flamingos, penguins, sea lions, iguanas and a bevy of birds. None of which has ever been hunted and will not scurry from you.

Spanish sailors discovered a source of food for their voyages that would last months – the giant tortoises. No one really knows how old they can get. Charles Darwin visited there in the early 1800’s and no one kept records. Guesses are 100!

Darwin also developed his evolution theories while there. The finches were his clue. 4 different islands were home to the birds. Each had beaks suited for their food source.

The ship’s sail for 7-15 days depending on itinerary. Why not join them as an Enrichment speaker?

As a bonus, you may get a dinner with a local family on the main island of Santa Cruz.

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