Free Internet on cruise ships | Lecturers, don’t despair!

ByRick Deutsch

Free Internet on cruise ships | Lecturers, don’t despair!

Recently we told you that free wifi internet is slowly becoming the norm on ships. Some lines charge up to 75c cents a minute. You can blow through a lot of nickels at that rate. Many passengers need to keep in touch with family or business while gone from their homes. Often, the only way to escape these charges is to head to the internet café upon docking.

How about having it for free? Some ships have relented and will do so.

Oceania is doing it effective in late 2015. Regent rolls this out effective 1/15. For now, only the high end rooms

Cruise ship speaker enjoying China.

Cruise ship speaker enjoying China.

will get this benefit. Those in the Penthouse and Concierge suites will now get free internet time based on cruise length. Crystal Cruises and Viking Cruises are onboard also.

But wait – there’s more to the story. This is deeper than it looks. MOST of those in the upper suites are repeat customers who already get free minutes. They are also wealthy enough to pay about $20K per person for the cruise!! 2 rooms, a butler, a large tub and now free wifi. Gosh.

I’ve contended that wifi be gratis as a given on ships. Most see it as a profit center. (Ditto on the laundry –make that free, too!). The unwashed masses get to use dial-up speed connections and no skype or streaming.

Speaker’s – a tip is to request CREW rates when to get your agreement. It can be as low as 10c a minute.

We’ share these kind of tips with our students. Let us know where you’d like to sail for free..



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