Forget Global Warming: the “Plastic Ocean” is going to kill us.

ByRick Deutsch

Forget Global Warming: the “Plastic Ocean” is going to kill us.


Surely you have heard about the Texas-sized pile of garbage that is floating out in the Pacific. But it’s not the only one. Mega-tons of our discarded refuse heads out to sea daily.

The ocean is huge. 70% of the surface…so what’s it matter if you toss a bag, or wrapper or STRAW into the drink.  Well, it must matter with 7.5 billion people doing it.  OK. Not that many live in access of ocean water..but you get the idea.

So the plastic degrades to little balls, the balls look like plankton, creatures eat the balls and are caught, then we eat the fish.  Duh.  We try to digest the plastic and it doesn’t work….we die.   Ipso facto.

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Millions of plastic straws go into the trash daily. They can last 100 years or more in the ocean. Enter the cruise industry. Gosh, with the thousands of passengers sailing, a lot of straws are used. I’ve been on ships where when you get a can of soda, you have to ask for a straw. Soon paper straws will be given – like in the 1950’s. One line is going to use metal straws.

plastic ocean

The plastic ocean – you can;t vacuum it all up!

I never us a straw.  Here’s the real reason, Eco aside.  I’m part Italian and when I talk I wave my hands a lot.  Often I will hit the straw and toss over the contents. Sooo, I now go straw-less ….. and it works!  I’m no longer the guy who spills the drink over a woman’s dress.

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