The Final word given on the Costa Concordia Tragedy; Skipper to jail

ByRick Deutsch

The Final word given on the Costa Concordia Tragedy; Skipper to jail

Francesco Schettino

Francesco Schettino – heading to prison.

An Italian court convicted Francesco Schettino, the Captain of the Costa Concordia to 16 years in prison. He was deemed guilty of 32 manslaughter deaths when the liner ran aground off the western side of Italy. He was found guilty of causing the shipwreck and for breaking the law of the sea… abandoning ship while passengers fended for themselves.

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He received 10 years for the deaths of the 32 passengers and crew; five years for causing the shipwreck; one year for abandoning the ship when hundreds of people were still aboard, and one month for giving false information to authorities.

So much for the tradition of the Captain going down with the ship! Even Capt Smith of the Titanic when down. Ground controllers begged him to get back on to help the passengers. He ignored them.

Civil suits are being negotiated with most in the area of tens of thousands of Euros. Prior to this time, the line paid out $11,000 Euros to survivors who did not join in the suits. The appeal process is next. Italy requires two sets of appeals a before he can be sent to serve his punishment.

The Concordia was righted and towed to a salvage yard to become autos and soup cans.

Now we hear that the poor man is writing a book.  Gimmie a break.

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