Dining on a Celebrity Cruise Ship – High ratings in my book!

ByRick Deutsch

 Dining on a Celebrity Cruise Ship – High ratings in my book!

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The 2,000 passenger Celebrity Constellation

Recently, I was on a dream trip – from Abu Dhabi all the way to Singapore.  It was a 15-day voyage. The Celebrity Constellation was a real nice ship.  The food was great – even in the “cafeteria.” OK, it’s called the OceanView….but every ship has a cafeteria set up. I even complimented the food & beverage head.

They have a few specialty restaurants. 2 are “normal” and one is called Qsine…like cuisine. It was a bit much for us. Some restaurant designer sold them a complete new theme package. Dinnerware, glasses and plates were all in a fantasy theme. I had trouble holding the wedged forks and used my tiny dessert one.

To me, the whole idea was something I’d expect on the 54th floor of a NYC tower. When you walk into the fancy – and neat – dining area…you are given an iPad to use.   On the tablet are 25 different color screens that you swipe. Each screen has a description of a menu item.  There are no appetizer, first, second course and dessert listings.  No, they come “family” style and in tapas portions. Randomly served.

Each is served in a cutesy serving tray.  One had “test tubes” with sauces in it. Then the next selection comes. You’re supposed to share with your dinner mates. The “wait-persons” all had uniforms with Qsine scribed on them. This place was on the package of three that you could buy. Honestly, the OceanView was excellent IMHO – but I could have a hot dog and be happy. Not so, my wife.

There were a couple other nice “culinary” touches on the ship. A very nice ice-cream station. With real ice-cream scooped out by hand into cones or bowls. They also had soft serve.

The pool-side grill made only burgers, dogs and fries.  DE-Lish.  Really.

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A nearby pizza station was so-so. Seems everyone thinks we all like thin crust.  That’s all I ever see on ships. Not that tasty unless you like a ball of dough in your stomach.

Well there you have it. I’d go back on a Celebrity ship again. I try to eat a salad anyway. Trying to break even on the scale!

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