Crystal Cruises hosts a full time passenger. Life at sea – the easy way.

ByRick Deutsch

Crystal Cruises hosts a full time passenger. Life at sea – the easy way.

The Ashbury Park Press in NJ ran a nice story about a woman who LIVES on a cruise ship. We often hear folks say: “It’s a good idea to sell everything and just live on a ship.” Well here is a widow that does just that!   And I’ve met her!

Crystal Cruises has the honor of hosting Lee Wachtstetter, 86, on their top-rated Crystal Serenity cruise ship. Lee’s husband died after being wed 50 years. Together they had logged 89 cruises. She’s now near 200!

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Crystal Cruises passenger Lee

He was a  banker and a real estate appraiser. Onboard, she has 3 square meals, entertainment, a form of medical care, dancing, lectures, and tours.  She loves just talking to other guests.

Crystal is not cheap – but it’s the best line on the market. She’s spends over $160K a year to have this lifestyle. A high end retirement home could run $7 – 10K per month, so for a bit more, she is living in style. She loves dancing with the men hired to do such with ladies. Crystal calls them Ambassador Hosts.

We met Lee on a recent cruise. I teach Nordic Walking and speak on Crystal’s two ships. My wife did needle point with her in the Palm Court up deck.

A thought for YOUR retirement?

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