Crystal Cruises expands offerings: Planes, trains and automobiles.

ByRick Deutsch

Crystal Cruises expands offerings: Planes, trains and automobiles.

Actually, planes, river boats and  yachts.

2015 is the 25th anniversary of the ultra luxury – all inclusive cruise line, Crystal Cruises. It’s rated the  number one rated line for the last 19 years and was recently acquired from Japanese giant, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), by Genting Hong Kong. Obviously a Chinese firm.

Genting is not content to pick up trophies and milk the cash cow – no, they are plowing big bucks into the line.  It has been formally announced that they will be buying six new ships over the next three years – and a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Cost? About 270 million. Read that again. Not a behemoth 5,000 passenger floating city, but upscale vacations for the upper crust.

Boeing 787

Conception of Crystal Cruises’ 787

While on the Crystal Serenity this week, Genting Hong Kong Chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay and Edie Rodriguez, Crystal’s president and CEO, said they will make Crystal “the world’s premier luxury hospitality and lifestyle brand. 

Here’s the recap.

Crystal Yacht Cruises – December 23, 2015

Already named, the Crystal Esprit, it is indeed a yacht and will bed 62 pax. It will be an all-suite machine. It will sport toys: a two-passenger submarine, two 10-passenger zodiacs and a 12-passenger tender for special boating adventures. Folks better love being active as they will offer water skiing, wake boards, kayaks, jet skis, fishing/scuba/snorkel equipment and a water trampoline.

Want to go to the Seychelles Islands, Dubai and Adriatic Coast?  Book it. They shove off for a Christmas voyage.

Crystal River Cruises – 2017

Next we’ll see the Crystal River Cruise Program. It will ply the classic rivers – Danube, Rhine, etc to compete with Viking. Yes, all-inclusive and six-star service.

Crystal Luxury Air – 2017

I hope you are sitting for this one. Crystal is acquiring a 787, the latest Boeing long haul aircraft. The plane can normally accommodate 300 people commercially, but this one will hold only 60 guests. Yes, beds included. They plan to take folks on month-long tours to exotic locales. Fly at night and wake up in new places. Eat your heart out, Google execs.

Ocean Vessels: “Crystal Exclusive Class” – Late 2018

Lastly, by 2018, Crystal will begin its “Exclusive Class” cruise ships. Three new craft with hulls to withstand polar ice (north or south). These are called “expedition-capable” ships. Crystal will continue their 1,000 pax level .

In a final blockbuster, Crystal announced “Crystal Residences.” The top deck of the new ships will be 48 – let’s call them “units” for now. They are not condo’s but they will have a private restaurant, reception and facilities, and 9-foot ceilings.  They will range from 600 sf to 4000 sf!!!   Bigger than my whole house!!

They will have a 1-1 ratio of guests to crew. Oh yeah, toss in submarines, helicopters and zodiacs. Details beyond the above are not out.

Your take away – get good at your speaking. Crystal does use Destination and Enrichment speakers. But you have to be the expert in what you are talking about. We can help you prepare for your new adventures.

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