Cruising to Cuba? – Go now before Starbucks appears on every corner

ByRick Deutsch

Cruising to Cuba? – Go now before Starbucks appears on every corner

Things are starting gel for us Americans to visit Cuba. The Obama folks are moving fast to get us in there. It reminds me of when Nixon went to China and now it’s open to westerners. Obama is setting a trip there soon.  Amazing developments.

Ok, let’s forget about the Castro clan for a bit.  I know they are jerks, but 50 years!  We can travel to other Commie countries. Gitmo and other issues aside, I’d like to see the place. You know the major hotels, rental car companies and every other capitalist venture is ready to pounce.

We’re thinking of a Fall trip (before hurricane season).  OK, you still have to be on a cultural or educational program. You can’t go wandering around. I’d love to scuba in those virgin waters.

There is planning by the airlines to get permission. American Airlines serves a lot of the Caribbean and is drooling. A big problem is the small size of the airport! But real-deal cruise lines are pushing to get in. Then you can stay right on the ship and not have to dodge “La Cucaracha” all night.

General travel to Cuba, is still taboo and you cannot spend US Dollars there yet. All trips are prepaid –  the hosts dole it out. I want to see the classic cars!!

Cuban cars

Cuban cars – running since the 1950’s

So we wait. You in a hurry?

Greece-based Celestyal Cruises will begin cruises to Cuba out of Miami soon. 9 nights.

Chicago-based Haimark has also said its “Saint Laurent” ship will be going – it holds 250. Haimark trips will cost $5K to stop in Havana, Maria La Gorda, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt and Holguin.

Carnival plans to comply with the “people-to-people” requirement  with proposed cruises to Cuba.

Globus cruises plans to berth in Havana, Maria La Gorda, Pinar del Ro, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Guess about $3K per head.

The Celestyal Crystal plans to take folks RT between Havana-Miami.

So keep watch. We’ll let you know as things break.

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