A cruise to New Zealand is a long but rewarding trip

ByRick Deutsch

A cruise to New Zealand is a long but rewarding trip

Cruise ship speakers have goals of getting to see places few can get to. Top of the list is New Zealand. I was there last over 20 years ago, and the memories still burn bright. I only did the South Island (the country is made up of two large islands.) The main city is Christchurch. You will see plains, alps, rolling hills, sounds and millions of sheep.

New Zealand - Home of the Kiwi's

New Zealand – Home of the Kiwi’s

I spent a week in a rental car by myself and did the loop of the south Island. Of the two, the North Island is where the center of government and “modern” living is. The South Island has a strong indigenous Maori heritage as well as British.

Christchurch is the center of population and until 2011, the major tour dock was at Lyttelton. You may recall that in 2011, a major earthquake hit Christchurch and did significant damage to the city. It also stuck the wharves and infrastructure of the Lyttelton Port of Christchurch. As a result, most cruise ship visits now go to Akaroa, Kaikoura and Timaru. Not as convenient. The City Council is in the  middle of a debate on whether to build or not build a new a $40 million cruise-ship facility.

The local council has created a “steering group” to decide if $40M is worth spending on a rehab of Lyttelton.

Back and forth we go.

On the pro side, studies shave shown that spending by cruise-ship passengers could total more than $100M over 10 years if the new wharf project gets approved.

On the con side, Councillor Raf Manji said: “A lot of the small Caribbean islands, I think St Lucia and Barbados, actually have seen a negative impact.”

If you get to speak on a cruise that is going there – let us know the latest.

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