Cruise Ships Losing Passengers by the Handful | 2 Reasons Why

ByBill Belew

Cruise Ships Losing Passengers by the Handful | 2 Reasons Why

The ocean is cold and dark - stay onboard!

Stay on board!

In less than 3 weeks, 5 people have gone overboard from cruise ships.

There are 2 main reasons why people opt to swim to the next destination instead of ride.

1. Booze, alcohol, the drink, soused … and along that line horseplay, doing something stupid usually because the people involved are drunk.

2. Suicide. “I can’t face the buffet again. Please don’t make me!” Not funny to the survivors, I know.

In San Francisco there is a camera trained on the Golden Gate Bridge year around to keep track of jumpers. Before long there will the same on cruise ships, if not already.

On Dec 21 a guy was found after he went over … but too late. It takes a very very long time to turn those big boats around.

On Dec 29, a passenger jumped from the 6th deck balcony … unfound.

On Jan 1, a man went over near the Cayman islands … unfound.

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On Jan 3, a woman leaned then jumped overboard … unfound.

On Jan 7, a 34-year old crew member jumped off as the ship made it’s way for Hawaii … unfound.

It’s not that hard to climb the railings. I have been pretty close. To the railings, to the railings, not to jumping.

If I did jump, I’d most likely survive the impact to the ocean but break a whole lot of bones, but end up upright and floating for a month or so as sharks nibbled pieces off of me. Then I’d be washed up on shore and left for turtle dinner. Then rescued and put in bed as a semi-vegetable and live another 20 years being ignored by real people and fed through a tube.

Suicide is not funny. Especially to the survivors.

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