Cruise ships keep coming out of the yards | Gigantic theme continues

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ships keep coming out of the yards | Gigantic theme continues

Seaside - another big cruise ship

Seaside – another big cruise ship

In the early 1900’s there was a large scale competition to build bigger and bigger ships. White Star won with the Olympic, Titanic, then the Britannic . The last was going to be named Gigantic but it was changed to downplay the size game after the Titanic sank.

For a very brief time, the Olympic and Titanic were the kings of the seas. We all know the story of the former. April 15, 1912 . . . now at 12,000 ft.

Now the Italians who own MSC Cruises, the Italian cruise line, say they will build two new cruise ships for delivery in 2017 and 2018. At over $900M each, these puppies will begin to level the field of the gargantuan craft.

These will be 154,000-ton ships and being built by Fincatieri. They will have 43,500 m2 of public areas including a sea-level promenade. The first will be called the “Seaside.”

It will utilize a unique cantilever design, meaning the promenade deck will be wider than the norm. Elevators will take passengers from the lower “outside” area to the upper decks and stay outside to do so.

Engineering-wise, fuel consumption will be reduced by 25 %. It will also be able to dock in “any port in the world”.

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