Cruise ships keep getting bigger – New NCL ship has with lots of entertainment.

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ships keep getting bigger – New NCL ship has with lots of entertainment.

Royal Caribbean now has bragging rights for the behemoth of the seas. The Symphony of the Seas, that is. I holds over 6,600 passengers and 2200 crew.  Dang, there are major towns in Montana smaller than that!!

Today I wanted to share how far the absurdity is getting. The Norwegian Bliss just rolled out of the assembly yard and hit the water April 21.  It’s over 900 ft long….and carries 4,000 pax. It’s smaller than the Symphony…but is has a unique amusement.

How about a two-level go-kart track. Hello?  A GO KART track! So did we come to enjoy the sea air, the serenity of the wavers and exciting ports?  No – let’s bring the land to the ocean.

Go karts

Go-karts at sea.

If that’s isn’t enough for you, gander at the water slide that the screaming kiddies will dominate. A gigantic water slide. This thing even hangs over the edge. Gee, was it built by the lowest bidder?  Bad sign if so.

water slide

Mega water slide

While the big ships sounded cool at first – a tribute to engineering skill. They are ruining the cruise experience for us all. Why? Well they are dumping too many tourists into the primo sites around the world.  Read about the problems Venice, Santorini, Barcelona and other jewels are having.

You just cannot dump 6,000 people off and look the other way. Typically 1 or 2 other ships will be in the same port. My gosh, 11,000 people descending on St Paul’s Cathedral. Cheek-to-cheek on the  Rialto Bridge. Head to toe on a medieval wall.

When will it end? Pack ‘em on.  Money talks – nobody walks.

Drop us a line. So far I haven’t heard of these giants needing speakers. I guess everyone will be in line to drive around the deck. Sigh  But we know of many other ships that need you.

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