Cruise ship rooms are pre-fabbed and they all look just the same

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship rooms are pre-fabbed and they all look just the same

The shipbuilders of the world are booked for years out, crafting new ships for the cruise industry. Bigger and bigger is the manta. But many mid-sized and smaller are also on in the manufacturing queue.

Modular rooms on Royal Caribbean

Modular rooms on Royal Caribbean

To get to high quality and rapid assembly, modern cruise ship rooms are put together like a lego’s in a kid’s room. Did you know that everything is done while the ship is being built and then the rooms are slid into the hull like wedgies? Henry Ford applied the mass production assembly line method to crank out Model T’s a hundred years ago. The Germans have taken it many steps further.

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This Royal Caribbean film, shows a bit of what it ‘s like to make the hundreds of rooms that will be inserted into the bowels of a new ship. This insider look is at Meyer Werft, a German shipyard since 1795. The COMPLETE room is pre-built like an apartment. TV, toilet rolls, lamps – literally everything is installed – then slid into place and undergoes a final test. Lights on? Check.  TV working? Check. Bedspread tight? Check.

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