Cruise Ship Lovers MeetUp July 22 Recap

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise Ship Lovers MeetUp July 22 Recap

The recent Cruise  Ship Lovers MeetUp attracted 39 souls. While the location was hard to find for some, at least everyone knows where it is for next month. Organizer Bill Belew is a preacher and has access to the church.

The session started with a “greet and mingle” period. The decibel level rose as folks introduced themselves. Bill then went over the agenda and laid the foundation for the objectives and purpose of the MeetUp.

A packed room hears Rick's Panama Canal Presentation.

A packed room hears Rick’s Panama Canal Presentation.

Rick Deutsch gave a presentation on the Panama Canal to illustrate how cruisers can get educated on their excursions. The audience was then asked if anyone would like to come up next meeting and talk about their favorite cruise. No takers. During the Feedback portion it was clear that each of the attendees had a different goal in attending. Some wanted travel companions, some wanted the scoop on cheap lines, others wanted to know where single cruisers should target.  Bill agreed to set up FORUM on the MeetUp page so folks could share ideas and ask questions. We will also invite specific speakers to address the audience.

We did not want to make this a “selling” platform., but many questions would be best answered by a travel agent. We will examine this on a low-key basis. The next MeetUp is August 19. Be sure to register as the room was crowded. We will either get more chairs and cram them in or limit the number or find a new venue.  Next time the topic will be Best and Worst experiences on a Caribbean cruise.  

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