Cruise lines going to the dogs| Queen Mary 2 allows pets

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise lines going to the dogs| Queen Mary 2 allows pets

The cruise industry is trying to lure more passengers. There seems to be a cruise for a whole variety of passengers. LGBT, nudists, poker players, car nuts and now PETS!   Many paying customers take advantage of land based hotels to bring their pets – why not at sea?

We have a little Yorkie dog and so we follow these kind of developments.

Yosey would love to sail

Yosey would love to sail

As a guest speaker, I would not do this. Focus on your lecgture and don;t get distracted. But it’s informative to know you might run into pets should you sail on the Queen Mary 2. This is a high end ship that plys the waters between London and New York City.

QM2 allows a limited number of pets. They have kennels to keep your dog during the day. The 4-legged tykes are walked frequently. Only 12 dogs are allowed, so book early. They even get life jackets!

Animals kept in the onboard kennels must meet UK and international entry requirements. Cunard, the parent company, provides details to the owner ahead of time, based on port of disembarkation — whether New York, Southampton, Le Havre in France or Hamburg, Germany, among other destinations on a particular transatlantic itinerary.

All pets arriving to the United Kingdom must have an individual Pet Passport detailing inoculations or other tests required. You’ll also have many hoops to jump through with the airline. Little dogs can ride with you if they can fit in a crate under your seat.

Owners are not permitted to take their pooches outside the kennel. The program is only for small and medium breeds. No Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs, or St. Bernards.

You can play with your pet during three 2-hour blocks of time during the day.

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.” – Robert Benchley

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