Cruise ship speakers: pick your favorite LARGE cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship speakers: pick your favorite LARGE cruise ships

As a professional cruise ship speaker, once you are accepted by an agency, you can decide yourself what lines you want to sail on – for FREE. Be advised, not all lines even use speakers. My belief is that since you are going out for 2 weeks or so, why not pick the best. Do your homework.

Oasis of the Seas - a mega ship

Oasis of the Seas – a mega ship

The prestigious cruise industry tracker, Cruise Critic has come out with their 2013 picks for the best cruise ships. Here is their top 10 in the LARGE ship category. These ships are in the 2,500 to 4,000+ passenger range. Behemoths; but may be for you. Many cater only to ports in the Caribbean but many sail elsewhere. Some are focused on kids (Disney) and others cater to a wide range with “adult only” decks. They have amusements that put many small towns to shame. Many ginormous ships have an entire city onboard that you can explore. Walkie-talkie radios work and can be a lifesaver when looking for your spouse or children. You may need a GPS to navigate back to your room!

The Oasis of the Seas hold 6400 passengers – 2400 crew. A small city. Be sure you know where your lifeboat is!!

Even as a guest speaker, you need to plan on incremental costs for such things as soft drinks and towel rental. Disembarking in ports may resemble a cattle call, but the high ranking ships have this down to a science. On the other hand, fares are highly discounted and if you are flexible and can leave on short notice, half-price and lower fares will be offered to fill the ship.


  1. Disney Fantasy
  2. Celebrity Eclipse
  3. Allure of the Seas
  4. Disney Dream
  5. Celebrity Solstice
  6. Celebrity Equinox
  7. Liberty of the Seas
  8. Serenade of the Seas
  9. Celebrity Silhouette
  10. Oasis of the Seas


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