Crew Member Jumps Cruise Ship from San Francisco to Hawaii

ByBill Belew

Crew Member Jumps Cruise Ship from San Francisco to Hawaii

Cruises are for Relaxing

Cruises are for Relaxing

Cruise ship passengers are not the only ones who jump ship from time to time.

The Coast Guard has reported that a 34-year old man was seen via surveillance footage to have intentionally jumped overboard.

The ship was still 1,000 miles from the Islands.

The ship was the Grand Princess and was sailing from San Francisco (I almost took this speaking gig!) to Hawaii.

There were 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members on board … minus one now.

Besides the Coast Guard, Star Princess and Horizon Reliance are helping out as well.

This whole scenario lends itself to a bunch of joke possibilities, but it is not funny that someone has lost their life.

Indeed it is sad that someone finds no other choice. This is also the second suicide I heard about today that is ‘close’ to me today.

I talk Social Media in the context of pursuing dreams. An underlying theme of all my talks is to give the listeners a reason to care about why they are listening to me. To give them something they can know and a reason to look forward to tomorrow so they can implement that knowledge.

I wish this fellow had been on the ship when I was there. I would hope for a different outcome.

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