First look inside the Costa Concordia | Scuba divers enter doomed ship

ByRick Deutsch

First look inside the Costa Concordia | Scuba divers enter doomed ship

As Cruise ship speakers, it’s good to keep abreast of developments in our industry.

A remarkable video taken by takes us on an underwater tour of the damaged Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy. There is no sound in the 8-minute color clip.

On January 13, 2012, Costa Concordia ran into rocks off the coast of the Italian Island of Giglio. It began taking on water and eventually capsized. The accident has been called one of the worst cruise ship disasters in modern times. 32 people died.

Diver pre-dive on the Corcordia

Diver pre-dive on the Concordia

A diver can be seen hovering along the railings and penetrating the inside areas of the ship. I noticed that he had 2 tanks, indicative of a long and perhaps deep dive. The draft of the ship is only 28 feet but at the angle it sunk it was very deep. The ship is almost 1,000 ft long. He is wearing a ¼ inch thick wetsuit and hood; the water is about 57 degrees.

ship 3


Penetrating inside the ship can be dangerous with many sharp steel points to snag on. The water is surprisingly clear. The videographer has lights, but the outside scenes show a visibility of about 40 feet.


BACKSTORY => The raising of the Concordia

As they went inside, the mangled structure was visible showing the damage that occurred as the Concordia slipped and landed on its starboard side.


Watch for an eerie scene when they surface inside and show the pristine wall coverings of what appears to be a lobby area.

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